Pop Music Video Round-Up

I just spent all morning catching up on the latest music videos by watching VH1 (since MTV doesn't show music videos unless its viewers are sound asleep.) Here are my impressions of some of the stuff I saw:

Adam Lambert- "What Do you Want from Me"- Wow, I was a Kris Allen fan last season, but Adam Lambert is just so dang hot with his eyeliner and emo haircut. Why can't he like girls, seriously?!

Carrie Underwood- "Cowboy Casanova"- Carrie Underwood proves vegetarians are sexier with this dance-filled clip that showcases yet again her expertise at mixing country with pop. I normally think country music is the devil, but Underwood makes me a believer.

Norah Jones- "Chasing Pirates"- This video doesn't really make me a fan of the song, but I do love Norah Jones' sassy short hair. Gorge!

Kris Allen- "Live Like We're Dying"- I wish this video had more of a bang to it. We get to see Kris Allen play with fire, but I'd love to see a sexier clip from him next time. Who cares what his wifey thinks!

Shakira- "Give It Up to Me"-- Like anything Shakira-related, I had to watch this on mute. I was amused that Shakira and Lil' Wayne appear to be the same height, and her angelic halo thing at the end really creeped me out. Her dancing with the girls in the background was too much of a Beyonce rip-off to be sexy. FAIL.

Rihanna- "Hard"- - The song really sucks, but I think it's safe to say every branch of military is recruiting Rihanna for the eye candy factor alone.

Taylor Swift- "Fifteen"- In general, I like Taylor Swift, but this song is so boring, and the video makes no sense. The song's more about high school life than hanging out in a forest at night, but that doesn't stop Swift from playing guitar in the middle of nowhere.

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