Remember "Like a G6?" Arizona State Kids Use it to Make a Parody Video that Shows Exactly Why Everyone Hates Arizona State

Remember "

Like a G6,"

Far East Movement's bangin' club anthem about getting slizzard in a blizzard with a mizzard and a tizzard? It was a pretty cool song, I guess. Last year, I mean.

Arizona State University students are apparently still listening to the song. Also, uploading parody videos using the beat. The above video was put up yesterday by Tempe 12 a roofie distributor web site with chicks in bikinis on it.

To think some people maintain that Tempe Community College, "The Harvard Of Date Rape," is full of meathead doofuses!

Were ASU kids as insufferable as alleged, would they make a super douchey video where skanky chicks sing "You know when it comes to girls we are the expert" [sic] using a song that's over a year old and totally played-out? Hmmmm.

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