Seven Charities That Show Headbangers Have The Biggest Hearts

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Solid Rock

If you don't know how integrated the Godfather of Shock Rock is in philanthropy, then I'm guessing you've been living under a rock for the past 10 years. And not a Solid Rock either, like the one that Cooper puts forth. This foundation has been thriving and growing in the Phoenix area, attracting kids from all over who want to nourish their creative skills in free after school programs, whether it's music, dance, arts or sports; there are even aspects of the industry like sound and lighting. Along with his friend Chuck Savale, Cooper created the foundation to help keep kids on the right track and to make up for the loss or neglect of art programs in schools. Check out how to contribute to Solid Rock here.

Fender Music Foundation

From Syd Barret's mirrored Esquire to prolific shredder John 5's J5 Signature Telecaster which he helped co-design, Fender has always had a solid spot in heavy metal. Think about it: Keith Richards, Pete Townshend, Jim Root -- the list goes on. Sigh. Those beautiful Telecasters. So, it's completely natural that Fender believes that it's of the upmost importance to keep music education alive and well in school's and communities. The foundation was founded in 2005, and has reached almost 200,000 people through instrument and education program grants. For Fender, it's all about making the gift of music available to everyone.

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