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Shooda Shook It Brings Weird Tucson Funk to Phoenix

Tucson's Shooda Shook It are, well, a little weird. But the relatively new group is that kind of weird that is both an entertaining spectacle, while also laying down some solid funky dance music.

Fronted by twins Kee Kopps and Dawn Copps, the group has only been playing live for a couple months, though they've been working on songs as Shooda Shook It for over a year. Now the band is ready to hit the road and head to Phoenix for the first time as an ensemble.

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"We've been writing songs slowly and it took forever," Kopps explains. "We also couldn't find a drummer."

If you've been around a while -- say, over a decade, you might remember the twins from Sugarbush, though they've also played with guitarist and bassist Jason Milici in other bands. Milici says he enjoys playing with the sisters because they all have "similar sensibilities" musically. Copps says her and her sister pretty much can't help but play with each other at this point.

"Kee and I have been playing music together since we were in the womb," Copps says.

After finding Pork Torta drummer Lucas Moseley, Shooda Shook It began playing live and are even going to be releasing an album within a month, though they haven't decided what the name of it will be yet. You can check out two very danceable tracks from the band on their Bandcamp page before the album is released. The song "Blizz" in particular starts with an instantly engaging bass line and goes on to add goofy synths for a song that doesn't take itself too seriously, but it seriously is fun.

According to Milici, the band plays "hard-hitting, upbeat disco funk," a classification that made his fellow bandmates laugh. According to Bandcamp, the band is tagged as funk, rock, disco, disco punk, experimental, and no wave.

All labels aside you need look no further than their YouTube video for "Choppy Buckle" to see that their first ever Phoenix performance at the Trunk Space going to be entertaining (especially if you make it past the four and a half minute mark). Let's just say there will at least be a lot of pelvic thrusting.

After all, Kopps says the band name just means that you have to "shake it before it's too late," which applies both to life in general and their audience specifically. If you don't want to be caught not shaking it, you can catch the band, along with Hug of War, The Smiling Faces, and Brain Child, at Trunk Space on Saturday, November 22 beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Shooda Shook It is scheduled to perform Saturday, November 22, at Trunk Space.

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