This Week in Music History: June 27 through July 3

Music and musicians have been around for centuries, and every day, new music news breaks. Every Monday, we're going to take a look back at the notable music stories, births, and deaths that took place that week.

This week saw the saxophone being patented (in 1846), as well as the births of members of The Who, Deep Purple, and The Supremes. And on the same date this week, both Jim Morrison of The Doors and Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones died. So here's this week in music history, June 27 through July 3.

June 27:

Births: Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys (1942); Lisa Germano (1958); Jeffrey Lee Pierce, front man of The Gun Club (1958); Reliant K musician John Warne (1979)
Deaths: The Who bassist John Entwistle (2002)

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June 28: 1846: The saxophone is patented by Adolph Sax in Paris, France. Births: Procol Harum bassist David Knights (1945); Mark Stoermer, bassist of The Killers (1977) Deaths: GG Allin (1993)

June 29:

Births: Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice (1948); Men At Work front man Colin Hay (1953); Greg Hetson, guitarist for Bad Religion and the Circle Jerks (1961); Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger (1978)
Deaths: Tim Buckley (1975)

June 30:
Births: Lena Horne (1917); Florence Ballard of The Supremes (1943); Little River Band singer-songwriter Glenn Shorrock (1944); Sweet guitarist Andy Scott (1949); Dire Straits guitarist Hal Lindes (1953); Brendan Perry of Dead Can Dance (1959); Murray Cook, singer of The Wiggles (1960); Pantera and Down singer Phil Anselmo (1968); Franz Ferdinand drummer Andy Knowles (1982)
Deaths: Chet Atkins (2001)

July 1:
1979: Sony introduces the Walkman.
Births: Debbie Harry of Blondie (1945); Fred Schneider of The B-52's (1951); Faith No More keyboardist Roddy Bottum (1963); Missy Elliott (1971); Sufjan Stevens (1975)
Deaths: Steppenwolf bass player Rushton Moreve (1981); Snakefinger of The Residents (1987); Luther Vandross (2005); Whitesnake guitarist Mel Galley (2008)

July 2:
Births: Songwriter and producer Murry Wilson of The Beach Boys (1917); Paul Williams of The Temptations (1939); E Street Band keyboardist Roy Bittan (1949); Mark Hart of Crowded House and Supertramp (1953); Pete Briquette, bassist of The Boomtown Rats (1954); English rapper Monie Love (1970); Michelle Branch (1983)
Deaths: Jazz bassist Ray Brown (2002)

July 3:
Births: Laura Branigan (1957); Ratt singer Stephen Pearcy (1959); Kevin Hearn of Barenaked Ladies (1969)
Deaths: Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones (1969); Jim Morrison (1971)

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