Tiësto: Sound Wave's Block Party "Will Definitely Be Hot In The Shade"

Sound Wave is on its way. Will the fourth time top last year's 'third-time charm'? Could a block party be better than a party at Big Surf Water Park? Only time will tell.

Saturday, September 21, headliner Tiësto will be one of a number of stars to hit the streets of Scottsdale, submerging it with currents of electronic vibes. Tiësto was able to chat with us about what this year has in store and how his music really has no blueprint--things just happen.

Up On The Sun: There are some changes to this year's music event--this year, instead of at a water park, it's been transformed into a block party. Now I know you have probably preformed in several different settings, but how does this whole block party idea sound to you?

Tiësto: It's very cool and provides a different kind of experience; it's more social and communal. Block parties are usually taking place in a community with people who all know each other, and in many cases it's almost like an extended family. So I'm really looking forward to performing in such a setting.

It's all growing every day. It was in the clubs, then festivals and now non-traditional venues like the block party experience. I think that's what keeps things fresh.

I remember the Tiësto sound once being purely trance; since then your sound, and maybe your interests within music, have progressed and evolved. Could you explain the evolution of your sound? There's really no blueprint at all. I've always been a fan of dance music, and I've always wanted to play the music that I personally love. Things have progressed through the years and evolved for me personally; I don't try and be different for the sake of it, but I do like to experiment with music. So I suppose it's all a natural progression.

You started playing in a local club in you home, Breda, Netherlands. There you would have that typical DJ time slot from 10 p.m. till 4 a.m. Did you ever think that you would be where you are today? I knew I wanted to be a DJ and make music for my career but to anticipate what things have been like is impossible. I've been extremely fortunate to be where I am doing exactly what I love. I was a big music fan; first more in the rock world and then big into dance music. I knew I wanted to be a DJ and started small by playing a club in my hometown.

Do you think other artists must move within the flow of things in order to keep creating anthems≤ or do you believe the true key is sticking with your style and passion? How does Tiësto plan to continue his career? It's important to always move and evolve, but also to stay true to oneself. You don't want to just hop on what's hot for the sake of it, but [you do want to] evolve in a way that makes sense in the context of who you are.

That's the key to growth: Being real. For me, I'm focusing on the production of my next artist album that's due in 2014. Between the release and the touring around that, things will be really busy.

What do you have in store for Sound Wave Music Festival? I always love playing in Phoenix so fans can definitely expect me to bring the most amazing party to your town. It will definitely be hot in the shade.

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