TNA's Jeff Hardy on His Band Peroxwhy?gen and How Music Helped Him Deal With Drama

Professional wrestler Jeff Hardy is a bit of a freak. Even the 35-year-old Total Nonstop Action superstar admits it. He's also a pretty creative dude. Besides designing his own face paint and ring attire, the punky and funky grappler also recorded his own theme music with his band Peroxwhy?gen. Whenever he hits the ring at TNA events (including this weekend's Bound For Glory pay-per-view at Grand Canyon University Arena), the hard rock strains of his self-produced track "Ressurected" is blasted from the arena P.A. system.

Creating music with the other members of Peroxwhy?gen has helped Hardy deal with a huge amount of both personal and professional drama over the past couple years. As he told our sister blog Jackalope Ranch recently, Hardy has dealt with a variety of drug problems and running afoul of the law back in 2009. He's currently clean and sober and is ready to debut Peroxwhy?gen's latest album in the next few weeks.

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So I hear your band has a new album coming out? Yeah, actually three songs and my band is Peroxwhy?gen. My guitar player is from Cincinnati and Man I can't explain how exciting it is. We heard the first song that is produced by the guy I've done my theme music with here, Dale Oliver, and, man there's three produced songs. We're going to try to do a 12-track album.

What instrument do you play or do you do multiple instruments? I don't, I'm horrible, I've tried a guitar but I just sing. I just write lyrics and poems and do my best to sing them.

How do the songs sound? My god, I'm so crazy excited about that because they sound so good and cool and it's so exciting to hear. And I did become something so professionally recorded.

How did these songs come about? About a month ago, leading up to that month, there was two or three months that I was writing all the time. I was just inspired some of these new songs that my guitar player came up with and one of my dad's friends that plays in his band and I wrote nine songs in 2 months, really cool songs.

After all that you've gone through both personally and professionally over the last couple years, has it been good pouring your passion into music? I think it has. Since I've been involved in music, anytime I've felt down or expressed myself whether you're excited about this one word you want to highlight or you want to get something across, it sounds cool to to you or you're going through a down depressive time. I don't know, I've just always felt better when I do something and finish it and I guess that's what feels so good about having songs professionally produced compared to what I've just done in my basement. It's so exciting because I have such room to grow as far as a performer on that stage and hopefully in the next year or so, yeah, I'll be ready to with my band to perform and do some shows.

Will you be performing any gigs with Peroxwhy?gen when you're in town this weekend? There's going to be a listening party for the fans at the TNA fan interaction thing that we do, I think it's going to be on Saturday, October 13th.

Is it just going to be a listening party or are you guys going to perform? No, it will just be a listening party. Somewhere in the mix with everything going on with the fan interaction, hopefully there's going to be a listening party of some sort for this CD like my song "Now Resurrected" that I come out to, it's like for anybody who kind of digs it, these other six songs are along those lines. So hopefully we going to try to get together with the creatures(?) and play some songs and get their thoughts. And I've done eight paintings that go along with each song. It's some unique stuff so I'm excited about that.

Total Nonstop Action's Bound For Glory takes place at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, October 14, at Grand Canyon University Area. Tickets start at $10.

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