Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj Celebrate Alcohol in "Bottoms Up"

It's pretty sad when a guy has to rely on alcohol to have luck with the ladies, but here Trey Songz is singing "Bottoms Up" to potential hook-ups in the club. Never mind that alcohol-induced sex makes the line between rape and consent blurry--Songz just wants you to get your drank on!

Watch out fellas: Songz starts off the track rapping, "Come here, it's Mr. Steal Yo Girl." He's the type to prey on groups of women out with their friends, enticing them with shots so that they won't remember cheating on their boyfriends or husbands. Why this type of guy would ever be attractive to any woman is a mystery, but here Songz is with a hit single.

He celebrates the practice of binge drinking ("got a couple bottles, but a couple ain't enough") and compliments women by telling them, "Girl, you know I love the way you shaking it in them jeans." As long as the lady has a nice behind and can shake it, Songz will probably be willing to buy her a drink before trying to sleep with her. He does, after all, have a "pocket full of green," so what's not to adore?

After his vision be blurred and his speech be slurred, he tells girls all around the world to come to him. It's so funny that he admittedly has beer goggles on, but he's willing to hook up with "a million girls". The guy has no standards, and he needs alcohol to have the confidence enough to express his desire to a woman. It's very sad.

Nicki Minaj, always repping so finely for the ladies, comes in and tells Songz she wants him to buy her alcohol, and she's willing to try it all--margaritas, rum, wine, you name it--Minaj is not one to care about mixing her liquor. She says she's not interested in saying hi, but more interested in the guy's Benz, not hiding her superficiality at all. She also says "if a bitch try to get cute" she will "stomp her, throw a lot of money at her then yell 'fuck her'." Wow. This is one classy, intelligent lady. You're going to throw money at someone who makes you mad while also get into a physical altercation with her? Minaj just continues to impress.

The song is wrong on so many levels. It's a promotion for casual, drunken sex and binge drinking, marketing alcohol to its listeners without listing the dangers. It makes women sex objects and encourages fighting. And it features absolutely nothing meaningful or positive besides dancing at a club.

Then the music video features women, including Minaj, tied up for Songz' enjoyment. It's really sickening that stuff like this is supposed to be sexy, because it demeans everyone, and it's sad Songz and Minaj have to sing about getting drunk to make a buck.

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