Watch: Isaiah Toothtaker and Max B's Weird, Swimsuit Model Studded "Been Told"

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Tucson-based rapper and tattoo shop owner Isaiah Toothtaker proudly boasts the title "felon rapper" on his Facebook. As if to further prove the point, he's worked up a collaborative album with incarcerated rapper Max B called Toothy Wavy. Featuring production by Chicago production duo The Hood Internet, Toothtaker and Max B have released a video for "Been Told," the first single from the forthcoming record (due in May).

And boy is it a doozy.

Featuring pixelated images of '90s swimsuit models and grainy, Tim & Eric-style public access visuals, the folks at Hobo Stewd add a demented element to the tune, which finds Max B rapping his lines over the phone from the pen, and Toothtaker singing/rapping bits that would sound as much at home on a Why? record as those of his affiliates in the LA art-hop crew Machina Muerte.

Wavy Toothy is out in May on Mishka Records. "Been Told" is available for download via Legitmix now.

Max B + Isaiah Toothtaker - Been Told (Prod. by The Hood Internet) from Мишка Bloglin on Vimeo.

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