Watch Megadeth Hang Out in Phoenix in Evolver Documentary about Youthanasia

This week's main print feature is about why Dave Mustaine, and not a member of his former band, Metallica, or anyone else on this weekend's Big 4 bill, is the MVP of metal.

In that column mentioned Evolver: The Making of Youthanasia, which chronicles the band's adventures in Phoenix, where the 1994 record was made in a custom-built studio. I'd call Youthanasia Megadeth's best effort, and one of the best metal records of all time, so I found this documentary very interesting. It's also a cool home-movie style look at some Phoenix music landmarks during the mid 1990s -- check out the scenes shot inside Vintage Recorders, where albums by Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys, The Grateful Dead, and Judas Priest were also made.

Part one of the documentary is above, others are embedded below.

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Martin Cizmar
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