Which Heavy Metal Band Would You Pick for the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Heavy metal and contact sports always seem to go hand-in-hand. Both share the same kind of aggression and unpredictability. Revolver's Golden Gods Awards has a "most metal athlete" category. And in football, one of America's favorite sports to get all amped up about, teams trot out onto the field to a range of classics: AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue, Metallica.

Ahead of the upcoming football season, the collaboration between heavy metal and football has already started off with a bang. I'm talking about Arena Football's partnership with KISS; you may have heard about the team, dubbed the L.A. KISS, and no, it's not a joke. KISS is known for having a hand in just about every aspect of merchandising a band, so we already known that their helmet designs will be amazing (and likely for sale everywhere.) And as an added incentive, the band will play a private concert for season-ticket holders.

"As a fast-paced, high-action band, this partnership with the AFL was an obvious fit for us," Gene Simmons said in a statement. "With Arena Football, you are much closer to the action -- sitting in the front row is like putting a folding chair on the hash mark of an NFL game -- and it's one of the only sports where you can experience this level of intensity. Attending an LA KISS game in 2014 will be similar to a live KISS show, with thrilling, heart-pounding action."

There's no doubt that would be a pretty kick-ass experience for those that love football and music. But if you're looking for something a bit heavier and more extreme in the world of football, you need to check out the band Free Reign. Comprising two Dallas Cowboys (singer Marc Colombo and bassist Leonard Davis) and a Miami Dolphin (drummer Cory Procter) as well as non-footballer guitarist Justin Chapman, this band is as football metal as it gets -- and is even signed to a record label.

Not only are all the members taller than six feet and average about 300 pounds, their music could easily be described as "rip your face off" heavy metal. The 1,200-pound band has put out a pair of hard-hitting releases so far, 2010's Tragedy and 2011's Heavier Than Metal, and have such fans as Rob Halford, Vinnie Paul, and Zakk Wylde.

However, the ultimate pairing of heavy metal and football would be if the NFL finally had a heavy metal act for the Super Bowl Halftime Show. It seems strange that it hasn't happened, but I guess there's nothing that screams NFL quite like the Black Eyed Peas prancing around the stage, or Janet Jackson accidentally flashing her pierced nipple.

I gotta say that Megadeth's "Crush 'Em" would be perfect for football: "Into the arena and hit the lights . . . now we're on the floor beneath the grit, this is gonna hurt a little bit."

But what do you think would make the ultimate heavy metal halftime show?

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Lauren Wise has worked as a rock/heavy metal journalist for 15 years. She contributes to Noisey and LA Weekly, edits books, and drinks whiskey.
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