Whiskey Six Explain "Bought and Sold the Lie"

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While some peeps spend their summer lounging out by the pool, local rock band Whiskey Six is hitting the road to spread their brand of tunes throughout the Southwest in places such as Texas and California amid recording new tracks. The hard-working local band won the 2010 Phoenix New Times Readers Poll for Best Local Band, and they're keeping the legacy strong with a couple local shows coming up. On Friday, August 12, they'll be playing a benefit show at Donna Jean's Libations for the family of a 12-year-old girl who experienced costly burns. There is no cover for the show, but donations are accepted for the family. And this Saturday, July 30, the band plays Goat Head Saloon in Mesa at 8 p.m. -- tickets are $5. You'll hear them play "Bought and Sold the Lie," which the band explained. Check out lyrics and the track, too, after the jump.

Vocalist/guitarist Chris Strickler says of the song: "Broken relationships, failures, betrayal -- there seems to be a common thread in my lyrics. This song is no different and is a personal struggle with a friendship that went sour awhile back. I felt like I gave my everything to see us succeed, but at the end of the day it wasn't enough, and I felt betrayed when they walked out. The main chorus line of the song stems from the idea that I had been lied to and told everyone that our relationship would continue on when everyone else seemed to doubt it. So I ignored the naysayers, put my trust into someone, and bought the lie I was told only to turn around and sell it to everyone else, making me look like the fool in the end. I hope people get the angst and ultimately the story in the music itself. While the lyrics can hold the foreground, the guitar work and music behind it ultimately sow the seeds of the tale: from the angry, straightforward beginning, a build up of tension and its inevitable collapse."

Bought and Sold the Lie

I watched you run away
And I can see that's not a tail between your legs
It seems that you're not man enough
With I got to say

Martyred myself for you
Walked through fire for you
But you said you'd die for me
And now it's time to pay!

Better days I've seen a few
Look out I'm coming through

(Lies) I bought and sold the lie that this would last forever

So what are you gonna say?
Cat got your tongue or are you too afraid
Look me right straight in the eyes and tell me that I'm wrong

But you had this coming too
With all I dragged you through
I made you who you were
And then you through it all away

Better days I've seen a few
Look out I'm coming through

(Lies) I bought and sold the lie that this would last forever

"Bought and Sold the Lie" by Whiskey Six by nicoole16

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.