Youth Brigade's Shawn Stern on The Adolescents, Punk, and BYO Records

How is it that a band that hasn't released a full-length album since 1996 continues to tour?

"If we didn't get new fans coming out, we'd probably would have quit awhile back because it would get really boring playing for just people our age because they're not always as fun," says Shawn Stern, frontman of Youth Brigade and co-owner of BYO records.

Youth Brigade has been playing fast-paced punk rock since the early 1980s. Although their shows don't end in riots as often as the early years, the band continues to tour and share its message.

We recently caught up with Shawn Stern to discuss Adolescents' Tony Brandenburg getting drunk at a film premiere, the roots of punk, and running a record label in the digital age.

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Melissa Fossum
Contact: Melissa Fossum