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944 celebrates anniversary with 50 Cent and Paris Hilton

944 Anniversary Party at 944 Super Village Jan. 31, 2008 Scottsdale Waterfront


It was a battle for space Thursday night on the 944 red carpet. Amateur photographers tried to squeeze their way into the press area to snap cell phone photographs of Paris Hilton. She was barely visible amidst her bodyguards and publicists, but the back of her head sported a cute blonde bob.

G Unit's members were the most attention-loving stars to hit the party's red carpet. They ate up the spotlight, hooting and hollering. They stopped to pose for all of the cameras, staying longer than anyone else.

Two of the Kardashian sisters -- Courtney and Khloe -- made an appearance. Each wore a mini-dress in the freezing night air, and were lively and jubilant as they talked to the television stations.

Brody Jenner and friend Frankie Delgado made an appearance in Scottsdale for the second night in a row. I stole Delgado off to the side and quizzed him in Spanish about Scottsdale nightlife. He said he loves the city and is most excited about going to Taste Lounge tomorrow night.

Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings, Larry Johnson of the Kansas City Chiefs, Brook Mueller and Dennis Rodman also graced 944's red carpet.


This elite party was ripe with beautiful, rich people. A giant white tent housed the massive party, which was alive with energy. The audience went wild when 50 Cent arrived on stage, dancing and singing along to their favorites such as Majik Stick, Window Shopper, and Just a Lil Bit.

Jillian Sloan

50 Cent headlined the 944 Anniversary party. Watch a slideshow from the party.

50's smile was mesmerizing and his moves were smooth. He engaged the crowd with confidence, asking "Are ya'll enjoying yourselves yet?" Screams erupted from the audience, and the bass boomed so loud you felt as if your heart would pop out of your chest. 50 threw his red baseball hat into the crowd and giddy girls dove for it for dear life.

Hilton and Khloe Kardashian each made a trip to the stage to dance around. Before that, Kardashian was spotted on the side of the stage text messaging away during the concert.

Jillian Sloan

Paris strikes a pose. Watch a slideshow from the party.

50 kept telling the crowd that we all don't have anywhere to be until Super Bowl Sunday, so he was going to keep singing and keep us there all night. His performance ended at about 12:45 a.m., but the party kept on rocking. Mojitos were the featured drink in the VIP lounge and everyone either had one of those or a champagne flute in their hands.


The VIP booths were filled with drunk girls. Celebrities such as Paris Hilton could not be spotted. Sanjaya Malakar from American Idol and his sister, Shyamali (also an aspiring singer), were hanging out in the VIP upstairs lounge. Shyamali said she was most looking forward to meeting contacts at the night's event.


"Go shorty, it's your birthday," Jackie Dollander.

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