Alleged Paint-Huffing Orange-Hurler Revealed

When we first heard there was a guy found sitting in an orange grove next to a Mesa airport, huffing paint, and throwing oranges at planes, we thought, "We gotta see what this guy looks like."

Sadly, at the time we published our story yesterday afternoon, which you can see here, we were unable to get our hands on a mugshot of 33-year-old Brian Henio.

This morning, good news -- we got the mugshot. Shockingly, Henio didn't live up to our expectations of what a paint-huffing orange-hurler should look like (to be honest, we figured he'd be covered in paint and have orange peels smeared on his face). Henio just looks like a normal dude.

Check him out after the jump.

According to the Mesa Police Department, Henio was seen in the orange grove next to Falcon Field Municipal Airport in Mesa drinking out of a green jug. Cops quickly recognized the smell of spray paint and realized Henio wasn't drinking from the jug, but rather huffing spray paint from it -- at least that's what appeared to be doing judging by the paint the officers saw on his upper lip.

Henio told the cops he was in the grove to throw oranges at airplanes and admitted to doing so.

When told throwing oranges at airplanes wasn't a good idea, Henio told officers he didn't know what the big deal was and that he was just trying to go to New Mexico.

Police say Henio was jittery and when asked if he knew he was trespassing, he said "I know, I want to go to New Mexico."

When cops tried to take Henio into custody, he refused to put his hands on his head and walked away from the officers.

Police eventually wrestled Henio into custody and took him to the Mesa City Jail, where he was charged with possession of a vapor releasing substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and trespassing.

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