Andre Rison, Decent Former Football Player, Owes More Than $300,000 in Child Support

Andre "Bad Moon" Rison is a former NFL wide receiver who made the Pro Bowl five times, and had his mansion burned down by the late TLC singer Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes in 1994.

Rison also made child-support payments precisely zero times, which he was ordered to start paying in 1999.

Since he managed to skip every single child-support payment for more than a decade -- while both his child and his child's mother lived in Arizona -- Rison was sentenced last week to five years of probation, and was ordered to make all those payments he missed, for a grand total of $322,992.78.

The feds didn't exactly have anything nice to say about Rison -- a native of Flint, Michigan -- in the prosecution's sentencing memo:

The defendant made millions of dollars as a former pro-football player. He also has a long history of failing to meet his obligations. He has failed to pay child support, not only for his son who is the subject of the instant case, but for three of his other children. A search of public databases show a long history of tax liens and civil judgments followed by a bankruptcy. The defendant has demonstrated an utter lack of respect for court orders in the past and has been arrested for failure to pay child support and contempt of court. He has three misdemeanor convictions and one felony conviction for passing back checks. In sum, the defendant has demonstrated an inability to manage money and follow through with his obligations - so much so that his actions have become criminal. Rison appears to be an immature, selfish man who is desperate need of supervision and real consequences.

A footnote to that paragraph notes that Rison's bankruptcy filings were the result of -- you guessed it -- being forced to pay child support for another kid.

Rison was actually named one of the country's "Most Wanted Deadbeats" by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

As for football-related matters, Rison played seven years in the NFL, and won a Super Bowl during his stint with the Green Bay Packers.

Most of his good years were with the Atlanta Falcons -- from 1990 to 1994 -- but did have a decent year or two with the Kansas City Chiefs later on, where he decided to start pretending he was Spiderman.

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