Andrei Cherny New Arizona Democratic Chair, Tea Bagger Tom Morrissey New Arizona GOP Chair (w/Update)

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Someone has reposted the video that was jerked below

The AZ Repugs new Tea Bagger chairman, Tom Morrissey

Note: See Updates below...

It's been a good day for the Democrats, in more ways than one.

Ex-Democratic state treasurer candidate Andrei Cherny beat out failed U.S. Senate Candidate Rodney Glassman for the chairmanship of the Arizona Democratic Party, 279 to 232.

There was a sometimes-contentious debate on the floor regarding party bylaws and whether or not Cherny was qualified to run.

Ultimately, however, state committee members voted down language that would have excluded Cherny, and agreed to accept him as a credentialed candidate.

I'll have more to say later, but both men gave good speeches. Cherny's, however, was the most heartfelt, hearkening back to growing up poor, with immigrant Czech parents who had to rely on welfare and food stamps to get by. And I think this swayed some undecideds in his direction.

There are some wackadoodle, so-called "progressives" who I hear may challenge Cherny's credentials, either in court or to the Democratic National Committee. If they do, I predict they will: 1) look like selfish idiots; and 2) lose.

But I'll write more about that later.

The Arizona GOP elected Tea Bagger extremist Tom Morrissey to be their new state chair. Morrissey emerged the victor in a four-man race that included the far more qualified Ron Carmichael, who's from the non-crazy wing of the Republican Party.

For Dems, Morrissey will be fun to have around. Already there have been some ugly accusations leveled at him under the name of an ex-wife on the conservative Sonoran Alliance blog. Sadly SA has already taken them down.

However, Morrissey responded to them in the video above.

Waiting for that video to be pulled by Morrissey in one...two...three...

UPDATE January 23, 2011: As predicted, either Morrissey or his supporters yanked the video. However, Morrissey had issued a letter, which mirrored the statements in the video. First saw it at Tucson Weekly, and I'm reproducing it below.

Also, since Sonoran Alliance is apparently censoring certain comments related to this issue, I'm offering below a few recent comments from an SA blog post announcing Morrissey's win. Enjoy.

2nd Update, same day: The same video has been reposted by someone else, so I've embedded it above. 

From Sonoran Alliance comments:

"fishnet Says: 

Let's see this guy has had 5 wives, beats
the 4th, will not get support for money,
no respect for somebody that comes in
within days of the election, Rob Haney
and Randy Pullen planned this with
Bruce Ash a couple of months, did not
attend meetings, oh yeah, so proud!! I
will be going independent. These people
don't care about you!! They care about

"Mary Wells Prioleau Says: 

Thanks 'fishnet' as well as those who posted close to 40 deleted responses on this site Thursday... those who had the guts to reach within and question merits of what constitutes a conservative and/or Christian. Sonora Alliances post re: me, after deleting all related posts remains beyond alarming. Especially since I did respond and offer to provide verification. (As I type...I fully expect another 'awaiting moderation' and then to see my comment deleted as before) So very sorry for the state of affairs in AZGOP. For the record, I did not wait until the 11th hour to voice facts that are of record throughout Maricopa and Chandler courts. John McComish, Randy Pullen and Fulton Brock each received factual letters accompanied by substantiating documents 6/08. Goes without saying that Sheriff Joe, best man in farce wedding, has always been in the mix. For the record: I am not affiliated with the McCain team in any respect. Rather, I allowed myself to care about our nation and reluctantly spoke up responding only to surface issues I sincerely regret having been party to. FYI: Restraining Order in Chandler COurt was issued 8/09 by Tom's friend with reason for court order being 9 emails whereas I stated he was a waste of energy and oxygen and I awaited reading his obituary and the knowledge that he could no longer dupe others. RO prevented personal contact only and expired 9/10. Go figure..5'5″, 125 vs 6′ 190lbs.... 2500 miles away... Never a threat. I did't bother contesting as it would have cost me money to come to AZ and it is my most sincere desire to never, ever again have contact with him. So sorry for choices made by AZGOP today. Your new leader, and this site, stated legal action was in the works.. REALLY... chancing facts being exposed...REALLY..."

Morrissey's response to allegations, from Tucson Weekly's Web site:


From the desk of Tom Morrissey

My twenty years of honorable service as a United States Marshal, culminating as the Chief Deputy Marshal for Arizona, taught me that false charges must be answered decisively.  Therefore, I will "cut to the chase."  With the exception of the fact that I have had unsuccessful marriages, including one that I had to place a restraining order, all other charges, innuendos and accusations recently placed by person or persons unknown in the Sonoran Alliance under the name of the above ex-wife who lives more than three thousand miles away, are totally and unequivocally false.

Just as Russell Pearce was attacked in 2006, Randy Pullen was the victim of a false attack just before the 2004 State Convention and JD Hayworth was pilloried in the last Primary election cycle, this is another attack by the establishment machine not only to discredit a conservative competitor, but more distressing it is designed to discourage anyone from even thinking about going up against them.

The commenter who posted the false allegations seems to have very intimate knowledge of people who were not even politically active on the local political scene when my former wife last resided here nearly five years ago.  How very ironic that this scurrilous attack occurred only hours after I announced as a candidate for Arizona Republican Chairman.  Just the fact that these personal attacks have occurred against multiple other grass roots candidates over the last few years gives one adequate reason to suspect what is going on behind the scenes.

I have fought against some of the most hardened criminals in America during my years as a marshal and will not be intimated by these personal attacks.  This is truly despicable behavior and makes me even more determined to stand up for all ordinary and conservative folks who want to save their country.

Thank you

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