Anthony Richards Allegedly Broke Into Chinese Restaurant, Stole Nothing but Ice Cream

A Mesa man allegedly broke into a Chinese restaurant through a glass door, hopped over the counter, and cream.

According to information from Mesa police, a witness saw the break-in happen, and an officer arrived at the Big Bowl Chinese restaurant as Anthony James Lee Richards was on his way out, with some sort of object in his hands.

The officer chased Richards across Broadway Road, as Richards dipped into an apartment complex.

Meanwhile, an officer responding to the scene found Richards had dropped the item he left the restaurant with -- a carton of ice cream.

"The ice cream was still frozen though the weather was warm outside," a police spokesman writes. "Officers discovered that the ice cream had been the only item stolen from the restaurant during the burglary."

As Richards went missing, police followed up on a few leads related to other burglaries of Chinese restaurants in the area. Detectives knocked on a door in the area of a potential suspect, and while Anthony wasn't there, the residents did know Anthony, and there were two felony warrants out for the guy who answered the door anyway.

Back at the complex Richards ran into, a resident pointed police to the apartment that Richards just ran into. No one answered the door, but police found the person who rented the apartment while she was walking around the complex.

That woman let police check her apartment for Richards, and the cops found him in the bedroom, pretending to sleep, police say.

The officer who initially started chasing Richards identified him by his clothing, which he had apparently not changed before going to "sleep."

Richards was booked into jail on a burglary charge, all for a carton of ice cream he never even got to eat.

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