Anthony Vigil Showed His Penis to a 10-Year-Old Kid Before Stealing His Bike, Cops Say

A 10-year-old Phoenix boy recently had what's probably the crappiest day of his young life, after some creep exposed his penis to the boy, and proceeded to steal his bike.

Police say 40-year-old Anthony Gerard Vigil is the alleged pervert/bike thief, who said he was too drunk to remember anything, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

The boy was playing outside his grandmother's home near 22nd Street and Southern Avenue, when Vigil "show[ed] his privates," the boy would later tell police. To clarify, the boy told officers Vigil exposed his "dingaling," court documents state.

The boy started pedaling away from Vigil after this, and he spotted an ice-cream man at the end of the street. The driver of the truck had the boy ditch his bike and hop in, and Vigil took the bike while ice-cream truck driver stuck with the kid until the cops showed up -- which would be a while.

According to court documents, the Phoenix Police Department was "out of officers to respond to calls," so an officer didn't start heading over there until 34 minutes later. The responding officer still managed to find Vigil, based on a description, walking near a park in the neighborhood.

Witnesses told police that Vigil started going door-to-door, trying to sell the kid's bike, and actually sold the bike to one of the residents for $20 before cops could arrive.

Another neighbor reported that some guy walking buy her house just walked right into her mailbox and fell over it. Police believe Vigil's responsible for that too.

Vigil just said he must have drank too much, because he didn't remember any of this. After allegedly lying to police about his name, Vigil was booked into jail on five charges -- incident exposure, theft, criminal damage, obstruction, and trafficking stolen property.

In court documents, the reporting officer recommended that a judge not allow Vigil to be released from jail without some sort of bond, stating that Vigil "has no respect for anyone."

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