Arizona Casinos Brought in $1.8 Billion in 2012
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Arizona Casinos Brought in $1.8 Billion in 2012

Revenues from Arizona tribal casinos went up in 2012, although the number of slot machines and gaming tables has decreased, according to a gaming industry report.

Casino City's recently-released Indian Gaming Industry Report studied gaming revenue in 2012, both nationally and in individual states. The report says that Arizona's 22 casinos brought in $1.8 billion, about a 3 percent increase from 2011. The earnings increased even though 203 fewer slot machines were in operation and 23 fewer table games existed than the previous year.

Nationally, revenues increased for the third straight year to $28.1 billion, although growth has slowed to a 2 percent increase. Economist Alan Meister, who compiled this report, attributes the leveling off to a slower economy and the rise in popularity of non-tribal casinos.

"While it was good to see Indian gaming continue to grow on a nationwide basis, the fact that it grew at a slower pace than 2011, its pre-recession pace, and other casino gaming segments in 2012 is cause for concern," Meister says in a statement.

Arizona is the sixth-largest gaming state out of the 28 U.S. states that have tribal casinos. The top 10 states make up 86 percent of the Indian gaming revenue.

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