Arizona MVD Posts Estimated Wait Times Online

Arizona Department of Transportation's Motor Vehicle Division has started posting online updates of wait times for the MVD offices around the state.

(It's like Disneyland, minus the fun!)

For example, if you wanted to get your driver's license in northwest Phoenix at the time of this post (noon on Monday), it'll take about 47 minutes, according to the estimate.

The wait for a driver's license, title, or registration at the Yuma office is currently over an hour -- not exactly surprising stuff, as motor-vehicle offices around the country are known more for their wait times than they are as places where you can get a driver's license.

However, most of the offices in rural Arizona have little to no wait times, at least at the time of this post.

According to information released by ADOT:

The office hours and locations page of the Motor Vehicle Services section of shows the estimated number of customers waiting for driver license and title transactions, and the estimated wait time for these transactions. Wait times are updated every five minutes and measured from the time a customer receives a service ticket to the time the customer begins their transaction at a window.

The average wait times for common MVD transactions range from 15 to 45 minutes. Online wait times are strictly estimates and vary depending on the daily volume of customers served at a given office, the number of available transaction windows and office staffing levels.

Every MVD customer's time is valuable. Office wait times are monitored by site supervisors. When there is an issue with the flow of customers, adjustments are immediately made to improve the customer service experience.

To get the most up-to-date wait times at the MVD, click here.

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