Barry Wong, Candidate for Corporation Commission, Totally Cool With Jimmy Wayne Stealing his Identity

Since our story yesterday about country music star Jimmy Wayne using the name of a candidate for Arizona Corporation Commission as a stage name while he sabotaged during karaoke night at a Show Low bar, that candidate contacted us to say he's cool with the country star stealing his identity.

"I'm flattered he would associate my name with his famous country music star name and reputation, even if in jest," the candidate, Barry Wong, tells New Times.

Wayne is nearing the end of a walk from Nashville to Phoenix to raise awareness of homeless kids.

He recently made a stop at a bar in Show Low to do some incognito karaoke and says he used the name Barry Wong because he saw his campaign signs while walking and liked the name.

Wayne, dressed in a pink tank-top, ski goggles, and a cowboy hat, belted out a version of the Brooks & Dunn hit Neon Moon before being booed off stage by some local hillbillies -- which seems to have been his intention all along.

It's pretty funny, actually. Check it out below.


Despite Wayne's notoriety among the county music crowd, Wong says he's never heard of the country star but would be interested in meeting him.

"If he's still in town, I should join him at karaoke," Wong says.

Wong says he recently participated in a Fourth of July parade in Show Low and placed a number of campaign signs along the parade route, which is probably where Wayne discovered his alter-ego.

Wayne's been walking since New Year's Day to raise awareness for Phoenix-based HomeBase Youth Services to help raise awareness of homeless kids and of kids who are about to "age out" of the foster-care system and have few options other than to live on the streets.

Wayne himself spent parts of his life homeless and is using his walk to raise money and awareness of the problem.

Wayne is expected to arrive in Phoenix about July 31. For more information about his cause or to donate money, click here.

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