Bill Montgomery

Bill Montgomery Defends Arpaio From "Reckless" Justice Department; Feds Claim New Evidence of Botched Sex-Crimes Investigations

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery today released letters that show his defense of Sheriff Joe Arpaio from what he calls a "reckless" Justice Department.

One of the letters, by deputy assistant Attorney General Roy Austin, also states that the feds have discovered new evidence that Arpaio's office botched sex-crimes investigations.

The April 3rd letter by Austin accuses Arpaio of "not negotiating in good faith," which is the reason talks over the DOJ's racial-profiling findings have been stalled.

The widespread discrimination discovered in the DOJ probe "continue to negatively impact the lives" of county residents," Austin writes. "For example, since our findings letter, we have discovered additional information supporting our serious concerns with MCSO's failure to reasonably investigate sex crimes and we intend to seek reform in this area."

Montgomery, a staunch Arpaio ally, reiterated his previous demands for the DOJ to release more information about its findings. Absent the info he wants, it's "reckless" of the DOJ to assert Arpaio is negatively affecting residents. He then demands the DOJ's new evidence on the botched sex-crimes, saying the feds' failure to release it immediately could jeopardize potential prosecutions.

All that's missing is a cheer at the end: GO ARPAIO!

Check out the letters below:

Letter from Austin to Arpaio's lawyer, Joseph Popolizio.

Letter from Montgomery to Austin.

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