Feathered Bastard

Bill Montgomery Wants to Retry Debra Milke: Lying Ex-Cop Armando Saldate Monty's Major Handicap

Can't say I'm surprised that Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery wants to retry Debra Milke, whose 1990 murder conviction was recently thrown out by the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

After all, the Milke case stirs passions like only the killing of a child can. The state alleged Milke played desert Medea, plotting the murder of her four year-old son Christopher, with the assistance of two losers, one of whom executed the child with three bullets to the back of the head, leaving the body in a wash near Happy Valley Road and 99th Avenue.

Former New Times scribe Paul Rubin covered the crime and the trial in depth. I will not rehash the details, as he hashed them plenty at the time, and followed the case in the years thereafter.

Plus, all you need do is plug the name Debra Milke into your favorite search engine, and you're sure to be overwhelmed.

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