Brittany Cramer Faces Child Abuse Charges After Getting Tased Near Children

Sun City mom Brittany Cramer found one of the more interesting ways to get pegged with child-abuse charges -- getting a Taser blast from the cops too close to her children.

This incident stemmed from a traffic stop by Glendale police on Tuesday, as Cramer's husband David had a felony warrant for his arrest.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Brittany Cramer, 25, refused to comply with the cops' orders to put her hands up and get out of the car, as her husband "tried to push his way out of unmarked police vehicles."

The Cramers moved to the back of their vehicle -- past their children, ages 2 and 7 -- in an attempt to resist being arrested according to the documents.

Police had to break the car's windows to get to the Cramers, and cops sent the dog after David Cramer, which appears to have worked:

According to the documents, the dog was "used to remove [David Cramer] from the car" and police ended up giving a Taser blast to both of the Cramers "in the vicinity of the children."

Based on police having to break the windows, send in the dog, and use the Taser on Brittany and David Cramer -- all with the 2- and 7-year-old kids right there -- police say Brittany "caused a condition likely to cause death or serios (sic) physical injury to her children by not complying with officers' commands and resisting arrest."

According to the court documents, Cramer admitted she knew that what she did put her youngsters in danger. Police say she apologized and was very remorseful after her arrest.

David Cramer's warrant was for two drug violations -- including dangerous-drug sales -- as well as weapons misconduct.

Brittany Cramer faces two counts of child abuse, two counts of endangerment, and one count of resisting arrest with physical force.

She was ordered to be released from jail with electronic monitoring.

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