Casey Anthony "May Be in Arizona," According to ABC's Rumor Department

Where in the world is the most despised woman in America? Nobody seems to know for sure, but according to ABC News' rumor department, Casey Anthony "may be in Arizona."

We'd hold off on getting those pitchforks and torches ready -- she's also rumored to be in Ohio, Florida, Puerto Rico, trapped in a Nathaniel Hawthorne novel, and California.

When Anthony was released from a Florida jail early yesterday morning -- as ABC's story goes -- she was rushed to her lawyer's office where she hid out for a little while as the angry mob that (ahem) welcomed her back to freedom calmed down a bit. She was then taken to an airport where she boarded a private plane owned by a wealthy California attorney and was whisked away to the anonymity of Prescott, Arizona.

See video below.

Again, don't go readying the pitchforks just yet -- after revealing he'd had sex with just about everything that moves, Tiger Woods was rumored to be in Prescott, too. Turned out, he was in Mississippi. 

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