Cindy McCain's Acquaintance, Dino Castelli, Denies Affair Rumor; Files Court Order Against Enquirer Writer

Tempe used car salesman Dino Castelli tells New Times today that a National Enquirer article claiming he and Cindy McCain are having an affair is "all bullshit."

As covered in this blog last month, the infamous weekly gossip rag claims Castelli and the senator's wife can be seen smooching in a low-res photo taken two years ago at the Tempe Music Festival. Neither McCain nor Castelli can be positively identified in the picture.

The Enquirer also published separetely a picture of a man it says is Castelli (pictured at left). Castelli declined an offer by New Times to view the picture and confirm if it's really him, saying the whole story was a "waste of time" and he'd rather be left in peace.

After the Enquirer story broke, Castelli filed an injunction prohibiting harassment against its author, John South, court records show. 


South "is a freakin' nut case," Castelli says.

New Times learned of the court order too late Monday to obtain a copy before close of business today, but will update this blog when we get our hands on it.  

The salicious story about Castelli and McCain was picked up by dozens, if not hundreds, of blogs and celebrity news sites. Castelli, who described himself as "just a regular guy trying to get along in life," doesn't appreciate the publicity.

He says he's known Cindy McCain "for a long time" and that they grew up in the same area. But the rumors of an affair are "a crock of shit." As for the picture of the lovebirds at the music festival: "I don't think that's me. I don't think that's her. I think they Photoshopped it," Castelli says.

With no real evidence and a denial from Castelli, this Enquirer story appears dead in the water.

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