Club Candids: Lost Leaf's One Year Anniversary on May 25, 2008

By Lilia Menconi

We remember skipping into The Lost Leaf on a First Friday in spring 2007, only to stumble out a few hours later, pick up our friend off their front lawn, and weave our way home. Can’t say it was the last time that happened, and it’s hard to believe that was just a year ago. With such nostalgic memories, we weren’t going to miss The Lost Leaf’s one-year anniversary for the world. Turns out, we weren’t alone. On Sunday, May 25, the place was overflowing with neighborhood folks. In fact, it was so crowded that we were drinking wine all night with elbows tucked in to minimize personal space. But having to resort to Tyrannosaurus rex arms was a small sacrifice. We mingled and mixed as a lineup of 12 local music acts rocked out for 15 minutes at a time. Thankfully, by night’s end, we didn’t end up sprawled on the lawn. This time, it was the sidewalk.

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The Lost Leaf 914 North 5th St., 602-258-0014,

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Lilia Menconi
Contact: Lilia Menconi