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Congressman Trent Franks Wants to Impeach Barack Obama Over Gay Marriage

Of all the reasons Republicans think they've got to impeach President Barack Obama, doing it because he doesn't necessarily view gay people getting married as the end of the world is one of the stupidest (the "birthers" still take the cake in terms of impeachment idiocy).

Enter Arizona Congressman Trent Franks.

As you may know, Tea Partiers from across the country flocked to Phoenix over the weekend for the group's first-ever "American Policy Summit," at which Franks talked with ThinkProgress's Scott Keyes about the president's decision to no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act.

Franks, like former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, thinks the president's decision is an impeachable offense.

The exchange between Franks and Keyes was caught on tape. Check out the video below.

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