Danny's Family Car Wash Raid by ICE and Minuteman Richard Malley Doing Same Job?

On a deserted stretch of Interstate 8, "Minuteman" Richard Malley and two buddies hunt for illegal immigrants.

Back in Phoenix, at 13 Danny's Family Car Wash locations across the Valley, Obama's modern-day INS, some dressed in ski masks and toting assault rifles, are basically the same thing. At least, they are in the eyes of some.

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Malley allegedly mistook a sheriff's deputy for a Mexican and got him in the crosshairs of his AR-15 for a few seconds. He was booked into jail on suspicion of aggravated assault.

Following the Danny's raid, it's clear that some aren't viewing the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureau as anti-immigrant heroes, either.

The raid, followed by an unsealed indictment against the business and 14 employees, has thrown pro-immigration forces in a tizzy.

Dulce Matuz, president of the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition, an affiliate of United We Dream, nearly likened the Danny's raid to terrorism: "We will not accept this ongoing separation of our families and terrorizing of our communities. If the White House is serious about immigration reform, they need to reunite families and end these outrageous raids."

If anything's clear, it's that immigration has become a hot topic again, with Congress working on the latest immigration-law bill and one of the largest workplace raids in recent history occurring in Phoenix. The Danny's car wash raid, with its images of handcuffed Mexicans being led away, (even though most of the detained were allowed to continue working and living in the United States), brings the debate to sharp focus.

Sure, the document fraud is a concern, but the story presented by the feds is that the false documents were used merely to secure employment in a low-paying job. Do we really want to bust these people and separate families? Isn't ICE just doing what Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been accused of?

On the other hand, with about half of Danny's car washers allegedly working illegally, isn't it true that American jobs are being displaced directly by foreign workers? But if so, why is Obama letting them go? What a mess.

Which brings us back to Richard Malley, the anti-immigrant flake who appears to have made an honest mistake in the dark. County Attorney Bill Montgomery should have fun figuring out what to do with him.

He won't be charged with hunting undocumented immigrants, of course. There's no statute against that, and heck -- it's what passes for sport in some parts of Arizona.

Below: Arizona DREAM Act Coalition

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