David Talkington, Accused Sex Maniac, Aspiring Rapper and -- Possibly -- a Local Hospital Employee

David Talkington, the accused sex maniac busted this week for grabbing women in Scottsdale, is an aspiring rapper and -- possibly -- a Scottsdale hospital employee.

The booking sheet for Talkington states he's currently employed at Thompson Peak Hospital, but Scottsdale police don't know what he does there. (Or should we say "did?")

His Linked In page says he's self-employed and had worked from 2008 to 2009 at Hollister Co., a clothing store.

We had a listen to some of this admitted perv's bad rap music, which is posted on YouTube.

Here's a lyric from "Fast Cars" that jumped out at us: "I grab a few girls like two plus two."

Here are a couple of excerpts from his masterpiece, "Get Money Legit:"

"It's such a beautiful day, gonna make my AK spray to all the haters in the way..."

"I don't check the price tag because I wear the nicest.."

Not anymore, he doesn't.

Talkington's affiliated with something called 2Mill-Entertainment, which has a Facebook page describing it as a group of "young Artists from Scottsdale keeping it down for the underground and newer artists...."

On one Facebook page of Talkington's, he calls himself "David Vinzenzo Spinale." He says he's studied strength and conditioning at Paradise Valley Community College and hails originally from Boston.

Keith Jones, spokesman for the north Scottsdale hospital's parent company, Scottsdale Healthcare, says he "has no information" about Talkington. The hospital's web site describes the facility as a "64-bed community medical-surgical hospital."

Thompson Peak's not too far from the home where Talkington, 22, lived with his parents.

He's now being held in the Maricopa County Jail, accused of seven counts related to his recent crime spree, including kidnapping, sexual abuse, assault, threatening and public sexual indecency.

Talkington began his spree on May 14, apparently, when he asked a Fry's grocery store employee for help while sitting in his dad's silver Ford Focus, then pulled out his penis and began masturbating when she approached, records show. The next day, he masturbated in front of a women near 108th Place and Dynamite Road.

On Tuesday, he was ready to "grab a few girls like two plus two."

At about 12:30 p.m., he reached out from his dad's Focus and gave a "hard squeeze" to a woman's butt in a Scottsdale Bashas' parking lot, the booking sheet states.

Just after 6 p.m., he was lurking outside the car near Dynamite and 108th Place. When a woman jogger passed him, he grabbed her around the waist, lifted her off the ground and began rubbing her genitals outside of her shorts. She fought him until he let her go.

A witness followed his car "for a while" as he drove off. An hour later, he followed three 13-year-olds on bikes and skateboards in East Phoenix, then parked, asked the girls if his tire looked low, then dropped his pants and began masturbating. He went straight from there to the parking lot of a Kohl's store in Desert Ridge and grabbed another woman's butt. At 11 p.m., in another Fry's parking lot, he grabbed a woman's butt and "threatened her by saying 'if you don't show me your tits, I'll blow us up,'" records state.

That woman got the man's full license plate. A photo-enforcement camera had also captured the Focus speeding away from the 6:11 p.m. jogger attack.

Cops arrested Talkington on Wednesday morning after several victims pegged him in a photo line-up.

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