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"Desert Diva" Prostitution Ring Leader Sentenced to Prison, Probation, and Some Serious Restitution

As the saying goes, pimpin' aint easy.

In fact, it can also get you some prison time. Ask Paul Nichta -- the admitted leader of the infamous "Desert Divas" prostitution ring who was sentenced today in Maricopa County Superior Court.

Court spokeswoman Karen Arra tells New Times that Nichta got to 2 1/2 years in prison and seven years' probation for his role in the hooker ring.

He was also ordered to pay $274,000 in restitution.

In April 2009, Nichta pleaded guilty to illegal control of an enterprise, money laundering, and use of a wire or electronic communication.

As part of his plea, Nichta was forced to admit that he was the leader of the organization, which often used swanky hotels like the Arizona Biltmore for rendezvous with "clients."

Since the "Divas" were broken up in 2008, following a five-month police investigation, there have been more than 50 arrests, including 12 people who are considered leaders of the organization.

Police have also -- much to the dismay of some Valley husbands -- released the names and addresses of the Divas' alleged clients (find your hubbies here, ladies), which included the name of the founder of a prominent conservative group.

Read all about Charles Jensen, the founder of the conservative group "Politics on the Rocks," or in some circles "client No. 481," here.

Click here for more on the ongoing saga that is the Desert Diva prostitution ring.

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