Female Flasher Drops Drawers in Front of 9-Year-Old Boy

Things could have been much worse for a 9-year-old Glendale boy who was the victim of a flasher Friday night. For starters, the flasher could have had a penis.

That wasn't the case, though. The alleged flasher was a 24-year-old chick who -- as far as flashers go -- is a step up from your typical trench-coat-wearing, male sexual deviant.

Court records obtained by New Times show that 24-year-old Crystal Flores was arrested Saturday for allegedly exposing herself to the boy and the boy's 26-year-old mother.

Flores, it seems, was in front of an apartment building at 5902 West Royal Palm Drive in Glendale on Saturday night.

About 6:30 p.m., the victim and his mother walked by, and Flores -- for whatever reason (the arrest report doesn't indicate that Flores was on any drugs at the time of the flashing) -- pulled up her shirt and pulled down her pants, exposing her vagina and her ta-tas to the boy and his mother.

Flores, apparently, is a bit of a rascal, and this isn't her first scrape with the law.

According to court docs, she's previously been convicted of disorderly conduct, disorderly conduct for fighting, assault of a police officer, criminal trespassing, and disorderly conduct for noise.

Thanks to her compulsion to bear all to a little boy, Flores can now add a felony indecent exposure charge to the long list of crimes with which she's been charged.

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