Former Maricopa County Inmate and Dog-Fighting Proprietor DMX Begins Mixed Martial Arts Fighting; At Least These Fights Involve People

One of Arizona's famed former guests of the county announced today his entrance into the world of mixed martial arts.

Rapper DMX, or Earl Simmons, as he is known to his mother, recently served time in the Grand Canyon State after getting convicted of drug possession, animal cruelty, and theft,

Now he says he's training for his first fight in December.

Police found at least a dozen emaciated pit bulls, three dead pit bulls and half a pound of marijuana at DMX's Cave Creek home in 2007.

While facing those charges in 2008, "X" was caught using a fake name and Social Security number at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale.

Somehow (by somehow we mean he probably got off light because he's a famous rapper), DMX received only a 90-day jail sentence and 18 months on probation.

DMX's representatives tell TMZ.com that X is "working out really hard and eating right" as he trains to fight Eric Martinez as part of the Alabama Pride MMA event in December.

DMX says he's "looking forward to having some fun."

We don't understand how rolling around shirtless with another sweaty man, plus the potential for getting the crap kicked out of you could be fun. But, hey, after 90 days in Tent City, it probably will be a vacation.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.