Former Tucson Socialite Arrested in Austria For 1996 Murder of Ex-Husband

Pamela Phillips, the Tucson socialite accused of paying a man to murder her rich hubby back in 1996, was introduced to the long arm of the law when she was arrested yesterday in Austria.

Authorities believe that Phillips was behind the murder of her ex-husband, real-estate tycoon Gary Triano.

Phillips, according to police, paid a man named Ronald Young $400,000 to murder Triano so she could collect on a $2 million insurance policy.

The apparent hit was carried out on November 1, 1996, when Triano got into his Lincoln Town Car after a round of golf and the car blew up in the parking lot of the La Paloma Country Club.

Phillips has been on the run since 2008, and her case has been featured on crime shows like Dateline NBC and America's Most Wanted.

Authorities knew Phillips was in Austria, but until yesterday, were unable to extradite her to the United States.

Ronald Young was arrested last year and charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. He is awaiting trial. 

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