Gila Bend Mayor Ron Henry's "Fornicating" Quote About Prince Harry's Visit Makes Headlines Worldwide; Town Manager Says UK Reporter Got It Wrong

"Fornicating" is a great word that probably doesn't get enough use these days, but did Gila Bend Mayor Ron Henry say it while talking about Prince Harry?

Britain's Daily Mail quotes Henry as saying about the son of the Prince of Wales:

'There are probably some fathers here who would go to extremes to protect their daughters,' said Mr Henry, 64. 'Some of the dads won't take too kindly to a Prince fornicating the night away.'


'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we have some very pretty girls here.

'It is a very quiet town with a lot of good Christian people. This isn't a party town.'

Prince Harry, if you haven't heard, has been stationed at the Gila Bend Air Force Auxiliary Field for chopper training.

Gila Bend Town Manager Rick Buss told the Daily Beast that the story was a "total fabrication." But lower in the Beast's story, he seems to indicate that the mayor might have gotten drawn into a unwanted line of questioning by the Mail's reporter.

"The mayor said it was the reporter who started using words like 'fornicating.' The reporter started asking him things like, 'Oh, what about if Prince Harry went chasing after one of your daughters?'" Buss said.

That makes us wonder whether the reporter did, in fact, get Henry's quote right, though it may have been a leading question. And why didn't Henry take the Beast's call?

City officials said they'd try to get a message to Henry for us, so we can ask him what he really told the Mail.

Honestly, if given a choice to believe a Daily Mail reporter or a small-town bureaucrat covering for a local politician, we'll go with the reporter.

In the meantime, the "fornicating" quote is getting heavy play on the Internet, and has even been picked up by at least one local news outlet. It's led to plenty of humorous headlines: "Harry Warned: Hands Off Our Women" and "No Fornicating for Prince Harry Warns Arizona Mayor."

Will the Space Age Lodge soon sport a sign that reads, "Prince Harry fornicated here!"

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