Gilbert Man Frustrated He Can't Get Cops to Believe He Killed Roommate

You know the feeling: You want to convince people you're a killer, and no one buys it.

Never had that feeling? Well, Gilbert resident Stanely Cook Jr. sure has. The Arizona Republic reports that although Cook confessed to a reporter that he beat Dale Harrell to death in January, police say no evidence justifies that claim.

In a quote, Cook Jr., 31, complains he's getting no love from police:

"I kill someone, try to confess for my crime and no one believes me," Cook said. "If that's not a sign of complete failure I don't know what is."

Police say the real culprit is Harrell's wife, Marissa DeVault, judging by DeVault's own confession and the physical evidence found by detectives. The couple's three children were in the home at the time someone bashed Harrell's head with a claw hammer.

The dueling confessions are just one weird aspect in this case. Another is that DeVault was found beaten severely near home last month, the day after Harrell died of his injuries.

Cook Jr. hasn't been accused by police of beating DeVault. However, following DeVault's beating, police seized Cook Jr.'s blood-and-dirt-laden clothing.

Perhaps Cook Jr. did have something to do with Harrell's murder. Sometimes, though, people confess to crimes to try and divert police attention from other suspects or simply because they like the attention.

Whatever happened in this case, it seems sure to generate continued media attention.

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