Google Search Produces Racist Result

Google Search Produces Racist Result

If for some reason you type "white people stole my car" into a Google search, it will take you to a plethora of Web sites filled with spam and viruses as a result of a breach of cyber security.

Google officials say they have been trying to fix the glitch since August but warn against clicking on any link found as a result of the search.

Even more troubling than the largest search engine in the world falling victim to spammers is what also happens when you search for "white people stole my car."

As you know, when Google thinks you may have misspelled something, or made an error in your search, they offer you a suggestion as to what you may have meant.

Well, when Google sees you use the keywords "white people stole my car," it suggests that you probably meant "black people stole my car."

Good thing certain Arizona public figures aren't running Google or it would probably say "illegal Mexican stole my car" and link you to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Web site.


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