Governor Ducey Should Consider These Great #RebrandAZ Ideas Before Pulling the Plug

Remember that time about a year ago when Governor Doug Ducey announced that Arizona needed a "rebranding"? You know, so the world wouldn't automatically hear "Arizona" and think of things like SB 1070 or the fact that the U.S. Department of Justice is investigating our botched presidential primary vote.

Ducey said he wanted Arizonans to have a slogan to be proud of — or least to be able to emblazon on T-shirts and sell to tourists — and he figured that hiring branding consultant Kathy Heasley would be a great use of $250,000 in public funds.

As it turned out, the people of Arizona had tons of their own great ideas, which they happily — and publicly — shared on the Governor's Twitter feed. For free.

"You can't spell crazy without AZ" was one of the more popular suggestions.

With so many great ideas floating around the Twittersphere, we were shocked to learn that our $250,000 consultant took a whole year to conclude that Arizona doesn't need a slogan after all.

Reports Howard Fischer of Capitol Media Services:

"[Heasley] said Arizona needs to scrap the kind of advertising that every other state uses to promote economic development — all the stuff about a healthy business climate, low costs, and a willing workforce — and instead sell images, feelings, and heart."

We're thinking Heasley and Ducey just didn't see all the great ideas New Times readers and Twitter users suggested after we published our roundup of the 10 best #RebrandAZ slogans.

So here are 10 more options we think you should consider before throwing in the towel.

10. They say honesty's a virtue, right?

9. Simple and to the point. Perfect for a bumper sticker.

8. Pshh, who needs copper, cattle, cotton, citrus, and climate when you have these!?

7. Cue reference to Donald Trump and the wall.

6. Think of it as an educational vacation for the kids.

5. We like the attempt at optimism! (But don't ask Maynard James Keenan about Tool.)

4. Can you taste the hypocrisy? Yum!

3. As long as we're better than Florida, we're good, right?

2. Ohh, points for the acronym approach!

1. Long live the Koch Brothers and all their dark-money, ALEC-influenced policies!

If none of those float Ducey's boat, we were particularly inspired by this suggestion, which was posted in the comments section of our first roundup. We're sure you'll love it, too:

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.