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Hells Angels Biker Who Beat Charges in 2010 Shootout With Vagos Bikers Arrested After Cutting Off Scottsdale Detective

A member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club was arrested this weekend after cutting off a Scottsdale police detective who was trailing several Hells Angels during an Arizona Bike Week event.

Bruce Schweigert, one of the seven Hells Angels bikers who beat charges from a 2010 shootout with Vagos bikers in Chino Valley, drove a sedan sideways in front of the detective, who was following two bikers and a truck full of people "known to be associated" with the Hells Angels, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

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The detective, who was investigating "outlaw motorcycle gangs and their associates" at the Cyclefest 2013 event at WestWorld in Scottsdale, spotted the red truck full of Hells Angels members on a road outside WestWorld.

The truck was being "escorted" by two motorcyclists, one of whom the detective identified as a known member of the Hells Angels.

"As I attempted to follow the truck and the motorcycles, a gray-colored sedan exited a parking area and stopped perpendicular within the roadway impeding my movement eastbound," the detective writes in a probable-cause statement. "I recognized the tactic as that commonly employed by outlaw motorcycle gangs to prevent others from following their membership."

The detective didn't note whether he was driving a marked or unmarked vehicle, but he saw that the driver of the sedan was wearing Hells Angels garb, so he U-turned and started following him.

After running a stop sign, and making an illegal turn onto Pima Road, the detective pulled over the sedan, which was being driven by Schweigert, 49.

Schweigert had a seven-inch military-style knife holstered on his hip, which he's not allowed to have as a convicted felon, according to court documents.

He also had a bag of weed and a pipe, but the detective confirmed he had a medical-marijuana card.

Schweigert was arrested on charges of unlawful possession of a weapon and obstructing a public thoroughfare.

We recognized Schweigert's name from the 2010 shootout with Vagos, in which at least 50 shots were fired, although no one was seriously injured.

Charges ended up being dropped against the seven Hells Angels charged in the shooting, as one of the Angels' attorneys told New Times last year that the only direct witness to the confrontation between the gangs immediately before the shooting happened to be a paid confidential informant -- a fact that wasn't presented to him or the other defense attorneys for quite some time.

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