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Holocaust deniers, anti-Semites and 9/11 deniers: Joined at the hip like Jim Marrs and Eric Williams?

Does moonhowler Jim Marrs still defend Holocaust denier Eric Williams, now that Williams' Shoah-shirking tome is back on the 'Net?

Remember Eric Williams, Holocaust denier and author of The Puzzle of Auschwitz, who was at one time the "Conference Director" of the Chandler 9/11 kook convention that took place February of this year? Williams was such an embarrassment to the local 9/11 nutbars that they had to remove him as Conference Director. Several big names begged off once they heard a Shoah-shirker was involved. Williams still attended the conference, had a booth where he sold his books, CDs and other merch, and actually got up on stage during one part of the program.

Williams' distasteful little tract posits that there were no gassings at Auschwitz, that 6 million Jews did not die at the hands of the Nazis during WWII, and that the whole idea of Hitler's Final Solution was nothing more than Zionist propaganda. Initially, he was selling his self-published tome on Lulu.com. After I talked to him about the book for my initial story on him, he decided to offer it to the public via free download from his Web site www.whatreallyisthematrix.com. As the controversy over his participation in the conference grew, he eventually withdrew the book altogether, all the time claiming he was not a Holocaust denier despite evidence to the contrary authored by himself.

Many attendees pooh-poohed Williams' presence at the conference, his original title of "Conference Director," and even the fact that Williams was a Holocaust denier. During the faux "press conference" that opened up the event, Wilfred Brimley-esque JFK conspiranaut Jim Marrs came to Williams' defense:

"Can I lie (sic) this to rest right here? Eric Williams is right here. [Then addressing Williams, seated before him.] Did people get killed in WWII as a result of state policy?"

Williams: Yes.

Me: Was there a Holocaust, Eric?

Williams: Yes

Marrs: He's not denying the Holocaust! You, sir need to direct your questions to 9/11. He is not a Holocaust denier.

Marrs was, of course, full of shit. Williams' book The Puzzle of Auschwitz does deny there was a Final Solution. And now you can again read it for yourself, as Williams is once more sellling his anti-Semitic tripe on Lulu.com. Williams states on his Web site:

After much thought and consideration, I have decided to republish my book, The Puzzle of Auschwitz. I am sure that I will still be labeled a holocaust denier, but I want to make it known that I do not deny any holocaust. One unnecessary death IS a holocaust. And there have been billions of unnecessary deaths throughout time.

"One unnecessary death IS a holocaust"? Williams invents his own definition for the word Holocaust, and insists on it as the basis for reality -- his reality. Thing is, his book denies the reality of the charnel house of Auschwitz in specific and the mass murder of European Jewry during WWII in general. Check out some of the whoppers he propagates. These are direct quotes from the book:

"Auschwitz was not a `death camp,' but a camp that kept productivity and spirits up by providing many facilities to the inmantes." (sic) pg. 48

"The inmates were well-taken care of and no evidence exists to further support the mass homicidal gas chambers." pg. 60

"Do I really need to continue to show that these Operation Reinhard Death Camps of Treblinka, Belzec, and Sorbibor were nothing more than crafted propaganda to ensure the momentum of an agenda?"" pg. 90

"When it comes to Jews and their alleged Holocaust, why is it wrong to ask questions?" pg. 92

"The simple fact is that by the exaggeration [of] the suffering of the Jews during World War II, Israel was recognized as a nation after thousands of years of bloodshed." pg. 92

And so on. Williams swallows whole the widely discredited report and testimony of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr., subject of the Errol Morris documentary Mr. Death. He also uses such notorious anti-Semitic sources such as The Barnes Review. Williams claims prisoners had access to a swimming pool at Auschwitz, and could get ice cream and cigarettes(and free tattoos, too, I hear). Williams even makes the connection between 9/11 deniers and Holocaust deniers. After all, they're both just questioning the "official" version of events. What's wrong with that?

I wonder if Marrs, with Williams' book back online, would still claim Williams is not a Holocaust denier? Would the Texas Santa Claus still defend Williams as he did back in February?

This anti-Semitic strain runs deep through the 9/11 movement, and is not confined to relative small potatoes like Williams. Eric Hufschmid is virulent Jew-baiter, yet he's been defended by Jim Fetzer, quoted by "Sofia" in her 9/11 Mysteries , used as a source by David Ray Griffin in Debunking 9/11 Debunking. The anti-Semitic rag American Free Press is also often cited by the troofers as a source of info., along with its Jell-O-brained reporter on the lam Christopher Bollyn. There are also countless Web sites devoted to perpetuating the lie that the Mossad, "Zionists," the Illuminati, or just "the Jews" were behind 9/11.

Troofers tolerate anti-Semitism in their movement, just as they tolerated Williams' presence at the kooky Chandler convention -- apologized for it, rationalized it, and ultimately accepted it.

BTW, CNN's Paula Zahn did a great piece on this troubling trend among the 9/11 troofers and the growing anti-Semitism of some back in mid-February. The segment is still very timely, and I reccomend it highly.

Waiting for your answer, Jim Marrs. Any day now...

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