Hot Links: City Bonuses, Schnepf Farms, and a Suspect Shot

Despite being millions of dollars in debt, Valley governments are giving some employees hefty bonuses. At least three Valley cities -- Mesa, Phoenix, and Glendale -- will pay out more than $18 million in combined bonuses, despite expectations that there will be more layoffs in the coming year...Today is considered the busiest day of the year for post offices, according to a story on KTAR.com. People sending holiday packages should expect long lines, and postal workers recommend printing the recipient's address on the front and side of the box. Wednesday is typically the busiest delivery day of the year...The owner of Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of thieves who have been stealing from the property. Thefts at the farm are nothing new, but in the past few months, several valuable items have been taken, including generators, ATVs, and electric John Deere Gators...Police shot and killed and murder suspect yesterday evening while trying to arrest him. According to Phoenix police spokesman Trent Crump, officers spotted the suspect walking near 50th drive and Glenrosa Avenue. The suspect fled down an alley, where he reportedly turned and fired at officers. Officers returned fire, and the suspect, whose name was immediately released, was later pronounced dead at a hospital. No officers were injured...

A 57 year-old homeowner suffered serious injuries when his collection of vintage firearms exploded during a house fire. The blast at the home, near 48th street and Thomas, was so powerful that windows blew out into a neighbor's yard. Police say the homeowner may have been working with power tools, which could have sparked the fire...On Friday night, the National Hockey League announced it had found a potential buyer for the Phoenix Coyotes. The new ownership group, Ice Edge Holdings, is based in Toronto, but after the group finalizes the sale with the NHL, it will work on an arena lease agreement with Jobing.com Arena in Glendale.

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