Hot Links: Hit-and-Runs, Secret Santas, and Officers Fired

A Gilbert woman is a suspect in four separate hit-and-run collisions Monday that involved six vehicles.  Kristen Rowley, 29, was driving on the 51 South approaching the Interstate 10 when she struck the first vehicle. She continued east on the freeway and struck a second vehicle, then exited and headed west on I-10 before striking a third car. She caused another collision at 19th Avenue and I-10 before officers stopped her. She was taken to a hospital with minor injuries and may be booked on hit and run and DUI charges after she's released...Over the past week, the "Secret Santas" group has been giving out $100 bills to Valley residents. The Secret Santas were escorted to various businesses and bus stops around town by off-duty police officers and retired FBI agents, where they handed out an estimated $40,000 total...

German police have determined that the body found in the Rhine River near Frankfurt is that of missing Arizona student, Devon Hollahan. Hollahan was reported missing November 21, and his body was pulled from the Rhine December 15. Police say he died from drowning and don't suspect foul play...Police have identified the woman shot yesterday morning in Glendale as Cynthia Ann Langrall. Langrall, 57, was out for her daily morning jog near 75th Avenue and Deer Valley Road when she encountered the shooter. A resident found Langrall in the road, and she was taken to a hospital where she died from her injuries. Police say they have no eyewitnesses or information on a suspect...Two Phoenix police officers were fired after an internal investigation into accusations the officers fondled a woman during an arrest. According to police, officers Michael Cruz and John Urban stopped the woman after she had been in an auto accident. The woman was wearing only a bikini, and according to reports, officers handcuffed her and took her to a secluded grade school, where they engaged in non-consensual sexual contact. The woman has chosen not to press charges...A Tucson man is hospitalized and in critical condition after reportedly shooting himself in the head at a Tucson law office. Police say the man walked into the law offices of Leon Thikoll and asked for a specific attorney. When an employee told him the attorney wasn't there and went to find another lawyer to speak with him, the man reportedly shot himself. Police have not released the man's name and say he was not a client of the firm. 


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