Hot Links: Kidnappings, Smoking Bills, and Barcelona

About 150 Iranian-Americans rallied in Tempe, to protest what they see as fraud in Iran's recent presidential elections. The rally was peaceful, and a similar rally in Tucson drew about 60 people...A Valley man was kidnapped by a group of armed suspects near 27th avenue and Roosevelt Tuesday night. Police are not releasing the victim's name, but believe he is a car salesman or dealership owner and was taken for money. His family has fielded ransom demands...Betty Henderson, the 85 year-old Mesa woman reported missing since Tuesday night, has been found. Search crews located her just outside of Tucson, she was airlifted to a hospital, and is expected to be okay...A bill that would make it against the law in Arizona to smoke cigarettes in a vehicle with a minor inside has been approved by a Senate committee and now goes to the full Senate for review. If it passes, the bill would call for a $50 civil penalty for each minor in the vehicle where the offender was smoking...Popular Scottsdale nightclub and restaurant Barcelona will be closed for the summer for renovations. The last day of business before renovations begin is June 27...Kingman resident Patrick West-Owens, 20, was arrested on charges of engaging in sex acts with an 8 year-old on a church camping trip. He's being held without bond until his next court appearance, on June 23.

150 Iranian-Americans rally in Tempe to protest recent vote

Man kidnapped by group of armed suspects in Phoenix

Missing Woman, 85, Found

AZ bill would ban smoking with minor in car

Barcelona to close for summer renovation

PD: Kingman man sexually assaulted girl during church camp

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