Hot Links: Phoenix Coyotes, DUIs, and Cornville Bears

The Phoenix Coyotes will stay in Glendale -- for now. Yesterday, a U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge ruled against a proposal to let Blackberry CEO Jim Balsillie buy the team and relocate it to Canada. The NHL hopes for a September 10 auction for bidders who'd like to keep the Coyotes in Glendale...A plan to plant DUI officers inside fast-food restaurants in Tucson to catch intoxicated drivers in drive-thrus has been scrapped. The idea was to have undercover police work drive-thru windows, but defense attorneys questioned the legality of such a program...Prosecutors in the case of the 9-year-old St. Johns, Arizona boy accused of fatally shooting his father and a friend want the child back in custody. The boy pleaded guilty to negligent homicide and was released to his mother while awaiting sentencing, and prosecutors say he's violated several conditions of his furlough... Yavapai County Sheriff's officers recently tracked and killed a bear that had been hanging around the community of Cornville. Before being put down, the bear had killed a goat and dragged it away...And an umpire for a high school baseball game in Iowa ejected all 100 fans from the game for being unruly. The school superintendent thinks the umpire overreacted.

Judge rejects sale of Coyotes to Canadian billionaire

Drive-thru DUI program parked

State wants child murder suspect returned to custody

Officers kill bear lingering in northern Arizona community

Umpire ejects entire crowd at baseball game


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