Hot Links: Rep Endorses Dan Saban, Cards Eat Up Buffalo, FBI File Shows Evel Knievel True to Name, and Miley Cyrus' Sweet 16.

By Stephen Lemons

Republic backs Saban for sheriff, finds more proof of Arpaio's racial profiling. Trial starts for serial shooter. FBI file reveals that Evel Knievel was kinda, well, evil. Cards munch down on some Buffalo. Suns scrimmage, Big Stat sits it out because of bad eye. Tucson considers taxing alcoholic bevs. Does that mean winos'll pay more in taxes? Obama and McCain accuse each other of mudslinging. (And while we're on it, today's the last day to register to vote, people.) The "Fluffy Bunny Crew" terrorizes the Valley. (No, really.) Supremes approve "Choose Life" license plates. And Miley Cyrus is still two years away from adulthood, and, likely, the cover of MAXIM.

Republic endorses Saban for sheriff.

Rep finds more proof of Arpaio’s racial profiling.

Serial shooter trial begins today.

FBI file shows Evel Knievel was true to his first name.

Cards devour Buffalo, 41-17.

Suns scrimmage, Stoudemire sits out game due to eye injury.

Miley Cyrus does Sweet 16 at Disney.

Supreme Court gives a pass to AZ’s anti-abortion license plates.

Obama, McCain accuse each other of slinging sleaze.

Tucson considers special tax on alcohol.

Today is deadline to register to vote.

Fluffy Bunny Crew terrorizes northeast Valley. No, really.

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