Hot Links: State Dems to Obama: Take Jan Brewer Away; More Drug Tunnels at the Border; British Couple Escape Jail for Dubai Beach Sex

They can't be serious. Democrats want Barack Obama to appoint Arizona Secretary of State Jan Brewer to some cushy federal post -- doesn't matter which one -- so she won't be governor when Janet Napolitano abandons the state to run Homeland Security. When that doesn't work maybe state Dems will just offer to write Brewer a million-dollar check to turn down Janet's job. Other stuff being reported out there today: Smugglers digging their way to big profits. Bailout money is being put to work on the economy even as Obama pushes for yet another big stimulus package. A ballsy jet-pack pilot zips over a 1,500-foot wide canyon, perhaps heralding the day when we all commute to work this way. Sex on the beach in Dubai won't net a British couple any prison time -- that's good to know. And dog-abuser and former football star Michael Vicks is hoping to keep his prison time relatively short.  

Daredevil flies over a canyon with jet pack

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