The Immigration Issue
The Immigration Issue
Andrew Nilsen

Immigrants Stitch Together the Quilt of Phoenix Culture. Will It All Come Undone?

Immigrants, documented or not, are woven into the fabric of Phoenix. You see their influence anywhere you turn, in our restaurants, our homes, our businesses, our schools, our theaters, our political arenas, our judicial system, our news publications. And imagine of how many of us would not be here at all if not for our immigrant ancestors. But is that fabric coming undone? New Times has devoted an entire print issue to the Valley’s immigrants, featuring a handful of the million or so people living in Arizona  who were born in other countries. We hope you will take time to reflect how much they are a part of everything we are.  You can also read all the stories online now.
—Stuart Warner, Editor

Click on each  to read:

Reminding Us of History: Trump’s dark view of immigration brings back dire memories for one Jewish immigrant. By Stephen Lemons

Grooming Us: Russian barbers thrive here. By Antonia Noori Farzan

Leaving Some of Us to Grieve: Mary Ann Mendoza's family was shattered by a man living here illegally. By Ray Stern

Working to Be Like Us: Undocumented student toils within the system to help others help themselves. By Sean Holstege

Lifting Us Up: A Danish choreographer finds inspiration in the desert. By Becky Bartkowski

Nourishing Us:  Ethiopian restaurateurs provide a touchstone of East African culture. By Robert Isenberg

Threatened by Us: Chef takes heat for protest By Patricia Escarcega

Bringing Us Together: How an Ivory Coast native came to host a diverse radio program in Phoenix By Anthony Sandoval

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