Jan Brewer Has a Nonsense Explanation of Why She Uses the Phrase "Illegal Immigrants"

Defending her use of the phrase "illegal immigrants," Governor Jan Brewer explained recently that doing something illegal makes you "an illegal."

We'll note that driving under the influence after a couple of glasses of scotch and rear-ending a minivan must not be illegal, or else Arizona apparently has "an illegal" for governor.

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There's been a recent shift in the media against the term "illegal immigrant," and activists are still protesting places like the New York Times to get them to stop using the phrase.

Brewer, however, seems to like the term.

"To me they're illegal immigrants," Brewer told ABC News. "When you break the law, you're doing something illegal, that makes you an illegal, so they are illegal immigrants."

ABC's Jim Avila explained that if you make an illegal turn while driving, you're not forever an "illegal driver."

"[It's] really a play on words," illegal Governor Brewer explained.

Avila countered, "It is a play on words that's offensive to some people."

". . .[long awkward pause]. . ." Brewer responded. "Well, I'm sorry, but, you know, I believe that if you break the law, and you're an illegal immigrant, and you're in this country illegally, and you are an illegal immigrant."

Click here to check out the entire exchange.

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