Jan Brewer

Jan Brewer's Response to Almost Everything About Obama Immigration Policy: Secure the Borders

Governor Jan Brewer called for a press conference this morning shortly after news broke of the Obama administration's plan to stop deporting young undocumented immigrants who were brought to the country when they were kids.

Brewer apparently forgot that she'd actually have to articulate a response to the policy change, because most of her press conference and response to questions contained variants of the phrase "secure our borders."

After declaring Obama's announcement "outrageous" and a "dangerous distraction," Brewer gave her response that "we need to keep our focus on securing the border."

So, Governor, what should we do with the kids who were brought here from another country by their parents when they were young?

"We need to have our borders secured," she said.

Well, what about the kids who don't speak a lick of Spanish and don't know jack about Mexico?

"We need to secure our borders," Brewer said.

About to call an end to the press conference?

"Bottom line is, we need our borders secured," she said.

Brewer kept her finger holstered the whole time, but declared Obama had just instituted "backdoor amnesty," and had just issued a "preemptive strike on Senate Bill 1070."

Asked whether she would consider a legal challenge, Brewer responded, "Oh!...(awkward pause)...I don't know. I'll give that some thought."

Strangely enough, while Brewer called Obama's announcement of Diet DREAM Act "outrageous" and "dangerous," she added that "we ought to be able to discuss" Arizona's own version of the DREAM Act, and didn't say a word in opposition to it.

In other reaction to Obama's announcement, Democrats think it's great, and Republicans think it's awful. News at 10.

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